Which Ramen Restaurant Is Best in Havana?

The answer, apparently, depends on where you go.Ramen restaurants in Cuba’s capital Havana have been offering authentic, authentic, Cuban food for over a decade, but not every place in Havana serves the authentic Ramen.But according to a new study by The Times of India, which examined the popularity of Ramen in Havana, many of these […] →Read more

Top restaurant in Philly’s Chinatown will soon be dog-friendly

CHINAWAY, Pa.(AP) For diners in Chinatown, there’s a new dog-friendlier option on the menu: A Middle Eastern restaurant in Philadelphia.Sahaara Restaurant & Bar, which opened its first location in Philadelphia’s Chinatown in November, is a restaurant that caters to Middle Eastern diners, and it has won the approval of the city’s Department of Health to […] →Read more

How to choose the right gluten free meal for you

The gluten-free restaurant craze is on the rise and, for some, it is a lifestyle choice that can be quite difficult to resist.Here are some tips for choosing the right place to eat gluten free. →Read more

Pho restaurant chain is looking for new owner

pho-restaurant-chain pho place is looking to hire a new owner as it prepares to close.The fast food chain, which opened its first UK restaurant in 2010, is set to close on June 30.Owner Jim Taylor said: “We’ve been looking for a new ownership for a few years now and after looking at a number of […] →Read more

What do you think of the new brunch restaurant in Houston?

A new brunch menu is coming to Houston, with the opening of a new restaurant in the heart of the city’s Downtown Houston.The Houston Chronicle reported that the new restaurant, The Bistro, will be named after the iconic Houston bar the Bistros and the Houston skyline.The new restaurant will feature a menu featuring dishes that […] →Read more

How to cook at an Italian restaurant in France

The French and Italian restaurants of France are so similar that they can be eaten together, and they’re a good choice for those who want to experience a taste of France first hand.Read more… →Read more

10 Best Pigeon Forts in America

Pigeons are a special kind of animal.They’re so small they’re often mistaken for ducks or geese.In fact, pigeons are so small, that the only way to find out if they’re actually a bird or not is by looking at them from above.Pigeos are also so easy to catch and catch them on camera is to […] →Read more

The most popular Russian restaurant in Asheville, NC, has been renamed after an American soldier

After his return from Afghanistan, Andrew “Andy” Cossack took the stage at the World War II centennial celebration in Raleigh and introduced the name of his restaurant, “Andy’s Russian Restaurant.”The restaurant was named after his son, who died in the war.“I think it’s important for us to honor and celebrate him for the life he […] →Read more

This is the subreddit where I’m most like-minded

title I’m like a lot of people here.The majority of me is also a white guy.I don’t think I’m a racist because I don´t think I´m racist enough, and I definitely don’t consider myself racist enough.The problem is, there are a lot more people who are.I guess the reason why people like me are like […] →Read more

How to order in Las Vegas, and what to look out for when you do…

The last few months have seen a flood of great food and drink options for the city’s visitors, as the Vegas Strip continues to draw more and more locals and tourists to its vibrant nightlife and cultural offerings.The most recent trend for Vegas-area dining has been to bring in locals and foreigners to help run […] →Read more