Why I can’t stand the Dodgers

The Dodgers won’t change the way they run their baseball team, but they could be looking to change the team name.

The Los Angeles Dodgers will keep their current moniker and have it officially changed to “Los Angeles Dodgers” in the new CBA, a source told USA TODAY Sports.

The name will change to “Dodgers” after the 2020 season and the franchise will be formally renamed to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

The Dodgers, who are on a tear with a record of 90-28 and a World Series berth, have been known to change names for decades.

They first changed their name in 1970, when the team became the Los Angels of California.

They were the Los Caracas Clippers.

They moved to Anaheim in 1991, and were renamed the Anaheim Angels of Southern California in 1994.

The franchise’s last name change was in 2005.