Greek restaurant and cafe ‘lucky to be in Tulsa’

Posted November 18, 2018 08:50:16 It’s a good thing the locals are lucky to be on the other side of the mountains from the touristy places like this Greek restaurant in Tulsa.

That’s because the owner of the restaurant, Alexander Tarkos, said he’s been receiving a lot of negative feedback for his decision to open the cafe.

Tarkus has been selling Greek-themed cakes and other desserts for a few years now, and the owners said they decided to make the move because of the popularity of the popular Greek restaurant.

“We were kind of hoping that the tourist industry would pick up and that’s when we made the decision,” Tarkas said.

The owners said that even though the location was on a busy road, they got the positive response.

“The response from the public has been pretty good,” he said.

“I’m really happy to see that.”

Tarkaus owner Alexander Tarsos says he has been receiving feedback for opening his Greek restaurant on a road full of traffic, so he decided to open his Greek-inspired restaurant in the city.

“It’s kind of a blessing and a curse that there are people who are upset about it,” Tarsas said about his decision.

“But we’ve been lucky enough to get some good feedback from the locals.”

The owners have opened the cafe on a very busy road full, of traffic.

The cafe has already had a number of guests, but they’re only coming back a couple of weeks at a time.

They also said that people are really appreciative of the cafe and the service they provide.

“When we opened our restaurant, there was only a couple people that would come and enjoy it,” he explained.

“Now we’re getting a lot more guests and they are very happy.

I really want to make it a success.”

For the owners, it’s a big change.

“This is our second shop, we’ve had two restaurants and a few other cafes before,” he added.

“So we knew we wanted to be a tourist-friendly business.”

Tarsus said that the owner told him that it would take about a month to get the new location set up, so they’ve just kept working.

“If we get a lot traffic, it’ll take about two weeks,” he noted.

“Then we’ll be open on Saturday and Sunday.”

While the cafe isn’t a new venture, the owners plan to keep the cafe open until the end of the year.

“There’s a lot to do here,” Torsos said.

He said that he’s still looking for other places to open.

“And there’s always the possibility of opening a restaurant somewhere else,” he concluded.

The Greek- themed cake Tarkatos plans to sell to tourists will be made from scratch and will be a unique piece.

It’s not something you can find in many other bakeries.

Tarsis has already tried to find some other vendors to use in his new cafe, but that wasn’t enough to satisfy the demand.

“In general, most of the bakeries that I’ve been looking at are very small,” Tarks said.

In fact, most bakeries are either run by friends or families, so it’s not easy to find a vendor who will make something that suits all the people who frequent the town.

The new Greek-style cake will also be made by a different vendor, who’s been helping out with the business since its start.

“They’re all really nice and helpful, so I’m very happy with them,” Tartos said about the new vendors.

“You have to be patient with them.”

It’s the only Greek-based business in town.

And now it’s on its way to becoming a reality.