How to tell if a restaurant is really a dive or a steakhouse

A popular Japanese restaurant in New York has been dubbed a dive bar, after its owners admitted they used to use the term to refer to the interior of their eatery.

The restaurant, which was opened by the same chef who founded the Tokyo restaurant chain, was named after the Japanese word for “dive” and has been described by the restaurant’s owners as a “shallow, cramped, and cramped” space.

The Japanese restaurant chain Yokosuka, which includes some of the most famous restaurants in the world, has been accused of using the term “diver” to refer specifically to the dining room.

“The original owner of the restaurant was very strict about the decor and decor, but it’s not unusual for the owner to say to customers that it’s a dive,” Yuzo Suzuki, one of the owners, told Reuters news agency.

The new owners, who said they wanted to make a change, did not respond to requests for comment.

Japanese restaurants have long been associated with dive bars, which are known for their intimate atmosphere and long wait times.

In a survey published in 2016, a survey of 1,000 diners found that a majority of diners who were familiar with Japanese restaurants said they did not enjoy dining there.

“People in the dive bars know that the food is not what they expected,” said Kenji Nagahama, a Japanese journalist who has written about the industry.

“They think it’s like a fancy restaurant, but the quality of the food in the restaurant is much worse than what they imagined.”

The Japanese term for dive bar has been used in the US for more than 50 years, according to the Dictionary of American Regional English.

The term has also been used by other restaurants, including the popular Tokyo steakhouse, which has also had its dining room decorated with “Dive Bar” posters.