Pho ‘the best pho in the world’, says chef

Phoenix, Ariz.

– Pho pho is one of the best in the entire world, and it is in Phoenix, according to a new report by chef and Pho Pho World Champion and founder of Phoenix restaurant Saher Sahara.

Pho phon is the world’s most popular noodle, which is made from pork, and can be made from any combination of meat, fish, vegetables, noodles, rice, and spices.

The best phos in the country, according the report, are from Pho Noodle Company, located at 1418 W. Grand Ave.

in downtown Phoenix.

Sahara, whose Pho Ramen and Pha Ta Kwan restaurants have also won the Pho Awards, said Pho was his passion growing up in Chicago.

“I grew up on the city, and I always thought Pho would be my thing, but then I got to the US and I started working in the industry,” he said.

“It really was my gateway into what I wanted to do.

I started thinking about how to change the way that I cooked and how I made my food.”

In his opinion, Pho is a modern classic, a dish with a unique flavor profile that is best served hot.

“It’s the perfect fusion of the flavors of seafood, vegetables and noodles,” he explained.

“If you’re looking for a dish that has a nice flavor and a really rich broth, then Pho has it.”

Saher Sahram’s Pho ramen, a spicy noodle dish made with pork and chicken, is the best phon in the US.

Saher, who grew up in the Chicago area, started in 2014.

The website has since grown to include a Pho Cantina that features a full bar, and also has a restaurant in Phoenix.

Sahara has been a regular in the restaurant scene since 1999.

He has opened three Pho restaurants in the Phoenix area, including the one he started in 2008.

He has been featured in and has written for several publications, including The Times, the Arizona Republic, Phoenix Business Journal, and the New York Times Magazine.

“When I’m at Pho I think about how I am bringing the flavor and the warmth of the food back to the people,” Sahara said.

“Every time I come to the restaurant, I am able to share with them the wonderful flavor of the broth and the fresh flavors of the vegetables.

Pho brings a lot of life to the table.”

Pho Phon has been the best-selling noodle in the United States since 2008.

The site also features a Pha Phan, a Phao Cantina, and a Phoa Cantina.

PhaPhan is a place where patrons can come and try out a variety of pho and other popular Vietnamese dishes.

The restaurant is located at 1601 N. Main St., Suite 700 in Phoenix and PhaoPhan at 1808 S. Main Street, Suite 2100 in Phoenix (map).

PhaPhon has also been featured on television shows including “Cooking With Saher,” “Sophia’s Kitchen,” and “Soup and More.”

Sahara also serves as the co-host of the popular PhoPho podcast, hosted by Phoenix-based chef and culinary director Chris LaFleur.

“We love Pho, and we love all of our guests,” Sahram said.

Saher, a native of Phoenix, has been recognized for his contributions to the Phan family since 1999, and has been on several award-winning cooking shows.

Sahram has won the 2014 PhoWorld Restaurant Award, the 2015 PhoTournament Restaurant Award and the 2015 New Orleans Restaurant of the Year.

His award-winner PhoCantina award-nominated dish “The Pho Bowl” was featured on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

In addition to PhoNoodle and PhoaPhan, Sahara also opened a restaurant, The Pho Kitchen, in 2016.

It has been serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine since 2003.

Sahra is currently a full-time student at Arizona State University, studying at the School of Culinary Arts and is working on a master’s degree in hospitality management.

Sahri has two sons, ages 12 and 11, and one daughter, ages 6.