Bozeman restaurant with a vegan twist, a veggie menu and more is opening in Montana

Bozemen is a city that’s been a hotbed of veganism since the early 1990s.

But now the city has a vegan restaurant that’s not only making a name for itself, but also bringing it to a whole new audience.

For more than a decade, Kaya’s Veg-N-Trip has been serving a menu of vegetarian and vegan dishes at its restaurant, The Cottage, which is located in the former Bozemans Union Station.

The veggie plates are usually vegetarian, but Kaya has expanded the menu with a number of other dishes, including one with quinoa and mushrooms.

The veggie plate on the menu is called ‘Bozeman Veggie Salad,’ and it includes a vegetable salad, a vegetable stir fry and a veggo-crusted pizza.

The plate comes with a quinoa salad, as well as an avocado, cucumber, kale and black beans.

Kaya also offers a variety of sauces and toppings, including a tofu sauce and a vegetarian bacon.

Kye says the vegan menu is a great way to introduce people to a more plant-based lifestyle.

“It’s a fun way to do it.

We’ve been working with local farmers and chefs and we have a lot of recipes that have a veg element to them,” she said.

Kaya is hoping that The Cottages new veggie restaurant will serve as a springboard for the city.

“The idea behind the menu was to have the best possible food that we could possibly offer to the community, and it’s really helped us with our business,” she added.