How to avoid dining at the city’s restaurants

The city of atlantac has banned diners from drinking alcohol on public transportation and closed bars, restaurants and bars in several neighborhoods.

The ban came after a spike in alcohol-related incidents at atlanta’s parks and beaches, which prompted a citywide crackdown that prompted Mayor Joe Fontana to order the closure of at least 10 parks and four beaches in the downtown area.

At the heart of the ban is a policy adopted by the city in June to curb excessive drinking on public transit.

At the time, the policy said that it was the citywide policy to close bars, eateries and restaurants on all public transit, including the streetcar and rail, that is serving alcohol to passengers.

Fontana said the ban was not meant to ban any group, but was intended to address the “public health crisis.”

“The issue is that we’ve had so many incidents on transit and we’ve seen people drinking, and they are in a position to get on the street and then start getting arrested,” Fontana said.

“The people who are responsible for those crimes are the people that are driving the vehicles.”

At the time of the policy’s implementation, the city said that the city had no way of determining how many people were involved in alcohol poisoning and that its policy was not intended to prevent individuals from getting on transit.

“Our city is a great place to live, but there are people who don’t live here who have the opportunity to be a part of the city and to do something positive in the community,” Fontan said.

“I’m going to be the first to admit that we have a problem, but I don’t think we have the answer to it,” Fontany said.

In addition to the ban on public drinking, Fontana also said that he wants to make it clear that he does not believe people who have committed crimes should be allowed to get back on public buses.

“We’re not going to have people in cars or walking around on the streets, and we’re not giving them the right to get off the bus,” Fontans statement said.

The city’s ban on alcohol-infused beverages also includes bars, cafes and restaurants that serve alcohol to patrons and allows the city to take legal action against them if they do not comply.

The policy does not apply to bars or restaurants that have been operating in the city for more than a year.