A Malibu restaurant that serves sushi, ramen, and sashimi is opening in Washington state

A Malibu restaurant is being eyed to open in the Washington state capital.

The owners of La Malibu, which has been serving the sushi, seafood and sushi at its restaurants in the Pearl District for more than 40 years, have been looking for a location in the city for years.

The owners are working with a group of local developers to bring the restaurant to the Capital Region, according to a news release.

La Malibu is located at 930 E. Fourth St., Suite B. The building is scheduled to open this fall, but its open only for a limited time to allow for the owners to start renovations.

It is expected to open early next year.

La Mascarelli, a family-owned business, opened in Los Angeles in 2014.

Its restaurant menu includes sushi and sizzling sashimas, a variety of ramen noodles and sesame noodles, and salads, as well as entrees, including an entree with sushi and a salmon salad with shrimp and sardines.

The menu is also offered with traditional cocktails and wines.

La Salle, located in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, opened a year ago, and it is also located in the Capitol District.

The restaurant’s menu features sushi, sushi rolls and other sushi options.

The staff is based in Los Alamos and has worked with La Salle since 2011, according.

La San, a new concept in Seattle, opened last summer, and the restaurant offers Japanese food, sushi and other entrees.

La San is located on Fourth Street.

The restaurant has opened five locations in Seattle since its opening in April of 2018, including a restaurant in Capitol Hill, a location at Pike Place in Seattle and a location on First Avenue in the Eastside neighborhood.

The company recently opened a location near downtown in Ballard, and La San has plans to expand.

La Marche is a seafood restaurant that was established in San Francisco in the early 1990s.

Its menu is filled with fresh fish, and its offerings include shrimp, crab and lobster.

The chef, Paul Guido, is also the founder and chef of La Boca, a restaurant that opened in San Diego, California in 2014 and serves the same menu, according, the company said.

The menu at La Marche features shrimp, crabs, lobster, shrimp, salmon and shrimp cocktails, as is the menu at the restaurant La San, according the company.

La Paz, a Mexican restaurant, opened on Second Avenue in New York City in 2014, and has since expanded to other cities, according its website.

It also has locations in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Chicago and other cities.

La Palma, a traditional Mexican restaurant in Los Altos, California, opened earlier this year and serves traditional Mexican food, including Mexican-style rice, chicken and shrimp, and vegetables.

The restaurants restaurant menu features traditional Mexican cuisine, as does the menu of La Palma.

La Sante, a former location of Sushi Mom, opened this spring in Seattle.

Its interior is themed after Sushi Mama, a Japanese restaurant that debuted in Seattle in 1997 and has a Japanese-inspired interior.

Its main menu is topped with sushi, sashima, ramens, and other dishes.

The main dining room features a large-format TV and a large television monitor, according and the company’s website.

La Stelva, a Spanish-themed restaurant, started in Seattle with a menu of Spanish food, seafood, and desserts, according an Instagram post from its owner.

La Tazca, a sushi restaurant in Seattle has been in business for about 20 years, according La Tazda.

Its menus feature the chef’s signature sushi rolls, and there are also other dishes, such as a fish sandwich with tuna and prawns, as a side, according a menu on the restaurant’s website, according with a photo of the menu on La Tazaa.

La Lita, a casual eatery in the downtown area of Seattle, was opened by the owners in late 2015 and serves Mexican cuisine.

The website says the menu includes tacos, a chicken sandwich, a vegetable sandwich and a rice bowl, and a side of grilled octopus.

La Lita has four locations in the Capital region, including one in Capitol Heights and one in downtown Seattle.

La Boca has a Facebook page and a Twitter account.