How to shop for restaurants in Baltimore and beyond

If you live in Baltimore, you may be surprised to find some of the best and worst restaurants around town.

It’s time to check out some of our favorite restaurants in the city, and what to expect from them in the coming months.

If you’re looking for the best burgers, the best pizzas and the best food, there are some good choices right in the heart of the city.

Here’s what to look for when shopping in Baltimore.1.

The best restaurants in this city:The best restaurants and bars in Baltimore are in Baltimore City Hall, Baltimore County Park, Historic American Buildings, and the Old Town Market.

All of these are great places to check on a date, and some of them are even a little pricey, but you can find great food and drinks at a lot of these places.

The most expensive places to eat in Baltimore include:The Bistro at the Blue Ridge, 723 W. Market St., 410-872-8777The Biltmore, 516 S. Maryland Ave., 410.396.9976The Boca Grande, 3115 N. Broad St., Baltimore, 410-242-4242The B&M Steakhouse, 1750 N. Howard St., 441-624-9555The Brouwerij Bakery, 2528 W. Pratt St., 888-845-5200The Buey’s, 2824 N. Main St., 647-742-6200The Cafe Boulud, 1801 N. State St., 703-948-8500The Chippendale, 2160 W. Broadway, 410.432.8333The Crossroads Cafe, 3155 N. Central Ave., Baltimore MD, 410 945-2323The Diner at the Mount Vernon, 442-541-8800The Dr. and Mrs. Paz’s, 721 W. Main Street, 410.-721-9237The French Laundry, 945 N. Charles St., 2222-7000The Greenfield, 2116 W. North Ave., 531-836-3300The Lighthouse Tavern, 895 S. St. Clair Ave., 3233-1490The Lizzie’s Deli, 461 S. Baltimore Ave., 443-788-4500The Millenium Restaurant, 468 N. Clark St., Maryland Heights, 410.(Baltimore Sun video: Jennifer Schmitt)The Ritz, 917 S. Carroll St., 443.923.3200The Rosemary’s Table, 532 W. Franklin St., 212-746-8100The Spotted Pig, 1423 N. Adams St., 301-865-6100The Steak House, 936 S. State Ave., 2111-8200The Three Blind Mice, 713 W. Broad Ave., Maryland, 410 628-2450The Trader Vic, 1314 S. Fayette Ave., 301.873.7100The Tiki Lounge, 703 W. Wood St., 450.624.1350The Tavern at the Palace, 715 W. Baltimore St., 526-868-4100The Union Pub, 486 W. State, Maryland Heights,.

410-222-1800The Union Tavern, 456 W. Washington St., 3227-6240The Union Cafe, 626 W. Farragut Ave., 713-722-4200The Union, 714 S, Baltimore, Maryland, 301-639-1870The Wrecking Bar, 459 S. King St., 302-832-2600The Yacht Club, 1230 W. Howard Ave., 404.527.0201The Yucaipa, 2125 S. Washington, 301.639.0202The Yellow Dog, 431 S. Franklin, 410 – 627-4255TheZiggy’s, 1321 N. Calvert St., 925.868.7200