What’s the latest news from Indiana?

The Indiana Restaurant Association (IRDA) has released a list of the hottest restaurants in the state, with Springfield Mo and Indianapolis restaurants making the list.

The list is made up of restaurants that have been on the scene since at least 2016, with restaurants on the list appearing on multiple occasions. 

The IRDA released the list today. 

“We are excited to share this list of restaurants in Indiana with our members and guests,” said IRDA Executive Director Kevin McFarland.

“With our members in town for spring, spring festivals and festivals this year, we are seeing the same restaurants we see each year.

This year, it is our goal to get the best restaurants in town.”

Springfield, a small business owned by McFarion and his wife, Jennifer, opened in 2014, with a focus on food and beverage. 

They were later joined by Indianapolis, with three other restaurants opening in the area over the next two years. 

IRDA also announced that its Indianapolis Restaurant Association members will vote on the best new restaurants in their area on Sunday, March 20, at 10 a.m.

The IRDA, which includes restaurants like Little Caesar’s and The Dixie, will then have the chance to vote on what new restaurants will open in the next few months. 

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