Two restaurants in Seattle to be renamed due to new food safety guidelines

A restaurant in Seattle has announced plans to rename its signature dish because of the city’s new food hygiene standards.

According to The Jerusalem Press, The Los Angeles-based Los Angeles’ Chocolat, Inc. plans to change the name of its famous Chocolate Chip Doughnut to Chocolate Chip Shortbread.

The company’s parent company, the American Chocolate Company, is currently in the process of converting its production of chocolate bars to using a “low-fat” recipe.

The change will take effect on June 2. 

The restaurant, which has locations in the Seattle area and San Francisco, has long used its signature Doughnut recipe to draw attention to the citys food-safety situation.

Chocolat is not the only company to have changed its name.

Last year, the restaurant in New York City’s Brooklyn neighborhood became the first to honor the city for its health and well-being with a new name. 

This week, the company announced plans for a change in its name to “Cochineal,” the name it has used since the 1930s.

The name “Chocolato” was coined by British explorer Charles Darwin in 1882.

Darwin was not a fan of chocolate and considered it a waste of natural resources.

In the late 1800s, chocolate became a symbol of luxury and the spread of scientific theories of evolution.

In 1896, the first chocolate factory opened in San Francisco.

Chocolate has been used to make the first known chocolate chip cookie.

In addition to the new name, the menu will feature a chocolate-flavored biscuit, a chocolate ice cream and a chocolate mousse.

Choco-Cola is the first soft drink to be changed to the “Coke” brand.

The change was first announced by the Coca-Cola Company on Friday.