When you think of California, you think San Francisco, says one restaurant owner

SAN FRANCISCO — When you think about California, there’s a lot of places where you can find a good steak.

But in many other cities, a good hamburger or a good seafood dish can cost more than $5.

And in some cases, a meal that comes with fries, coleslaw and a big salad can cost much more.

The average price for a meal at a typical San Francisco restaurant is $8.77, according to a report by the San Francisco-based San Francisco Restaurant Association.

In some places, it’s as much as $12.

It’s not uncommon for the average price to be over $20.

And while San Francisco has one of the highest median household incomes in the nation, that means most of the city’s residents can’t afford to pay $10 for a steak or $15 for a seafood dish.

In San Francisco alone, there are about 5,000 restaurants, and the average bill for a typical meal is $12 or $13.

Restaurants are also required to keep a minimum of 10 percent of their profit margin on food, but that number is only based on a handful of restaurants, such as the one at 4900 San Pablo Avenue.

So when it comes to eating out, what’s a typical price tag?

It depends on the restaurant, says Andrew Zabriskie, a San Francisco food writer and consultant.

It depends on what you’re getting.

In restaurants, you might pay a lot less for a sandwich or two, because they may have an assortment of options.

But for the most part, you’ll pay more for a hamburger, and a lot more for seafood.

For a steak, Zabstraie says, the restaurant will charge you a lot for the beef and chicken.

But if you’re going to order a burger, it will be a lot cheaper to go for a medium steak.

And if you want a fish dish, you can usually find one that’s on the higher end of the price scale, he says.

For sushi, it could be a cheaper meal than the steak, but it’s not necessarily going to be more expensive than the burger.

The steak and the seafood dish are going to cost you more.

And the most expensive part of a meal?

For sushi, there is no minimum for how much it should cost.

There are a couple of restaurants that are trying to make sushi more affordable by going for a minimum.

For example, at Nobu Sushi, you may only get $6 for a bowl of sushi.

The San Francisco Bar Association estimates that there are roughly 1,000 sushi restaurants in San Francisco.

In fact, Nobu is known for its “fancy plates” which are filled with fancy sushi.

The San Jose Mercury News reported that Nobu’s sushi prices have skyrocketed over the years.

In 2014, they were $13 for a plate.

But in 2017, Nobo was offering $18 for a sushi bowl, which would be an increase of $30, according the San Jose Bee.

And when it came to seafood, Nobuyoshi in San Jose is known to be one of San Francisco’s most expensive restaurants.

For the most affordable seafood, like crab, oysters or shrimp, Nobuhashi has a $7 per person per plate rate.

The price for oysters is $7.25 per person.

The Bay Area has a reputation for being one of America’s priciest places to eat, but many locals aren’t willing to go there out of loyalty to their neighborhood.

A recent study by the Consumer Price Index shows San Francisco was ranked as the ninth most expensive city in the country.

So how can you save money at Nobuyos?

You can order sushi at Nobuhashimi, a restaurant on South Van Ness Avenue that serves traditional Japanese food.

It costs about $11 per person, but you can order a bowl with three options for $17.

You can also order a meal with rice, and order it in the evening at Nobohashi.

If you’re ordering a seafood, the rice will be $6 per person for a whole dish.

If the shrimp is $4.50 per person or $2.75 for a large shrimp, that is a savings of $6.

And Nobu offers an option for a $5 rice bowl with a fish, shrimp and fish sauce for $15.

So if you have a budget, you could eat out a lot better than you normally would, says Zabbose.

But, if you just want a good meal, don’t worry.

You may have a few choices, but your options are limited.

San Francisco restaurants have a range of prices, from $8 to $20, and restaurants that cater to a large group of people may charge you more than you can handle.

If you can get a table for $7 or $8, you’re in luck.