Which restaurant in San Diego is best for a taco?

Restaurants are an important part of the local economy and often offer food and beverage options that are not available anywhere else.

Here are some of the best restaurants in San Francisco for a tacos and a beer.1.

Taco Trucks in San Marcos, San Diego, California2.

Cabernet Sauvignon in the City of Angels, California3.

Oyster at The Tavern in San Pedro, California4.

Norman’s on the Bay at the Pier at San Francisco, California5.

Bacon and Honey BBQ in San Antonio, Texas6.

The Cane House at The Landing in Oakland, California7.

Benny’s Steakhouse in Oakland (near Oakland International Airport), California8.

El Toro Grill in San Carlos, California9.

Lil ‘N’ Spicy BBQ in North Hollywood, California10.

Omni BBQ at La Bodega in San Jose, CaliforniaThe rest of our list can be found on our Best Restaurants page.