How to get a big boy’s meal at Chipotle

The restaurant chain’s Big Boy sandwich is the most popular item on its menu.

But the Big Boy burger is also the most expensive, at $5.99, according to an analysis of restaurant prices by The Wall Street Journal.

The restaurant is one of the top 10 for price per person, with an average of $12.80 per person per day.

Chipotle said the Big Boys are among the most flavorful, well-priced items on its restaurant menu.

The chain said the average Big Boy is $3.79 and that it’s the most-expensive burger on its website.

But it said customers are always happy with the Bigboy, with a majority of customers saying they’d pay more than $3 more for a Big Boy, The Journal reported.

The Big Boy was one of a group of restaurants the Journal reviewed, including a Big Daddy burger, a Big Guy burger, and a Big Girl burger.

A Big Guy is a beef patty with lettuce, tomato, and cheese topped with ranch dressing and a grilled tomato.

The Big Girl is a burger with lettuce and tomato.

A lot of Big Guy burgers come with toppings.

The most expensive Big Girl was the Big Girl Big Boy at $4.99.

The Journal examined restaurant prices for the top 25 most expensive restaurants, the average price per item, and the average dollar per person.

The study looked at the average cost of the BigBoy, Big Guy, Big Girl, Big Boy Extra and Big Girl Extra Plus burger.

The average BigBoy and Big Guy are among Chipotle’s most popular items.

The company’s Big Boys have been on the menu since August 2016 and the Big Guys since December 2016.

Chipotles Big Boy has been the company’s top-selling burger since April 2017, when it was the most common item on the company website.

The top-ranked burger is the Big Guy Big Boy.

The study did not include the Big Girls, which are a special burger.

Chipots Big Girl offers lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and mayonnaise on a toasted bun, topped with lettuce.

The burger comes with lettuce on a side.

The bottom-ranked restaurant, Big Daddy, was the cheapest restaurant the Journal looked at.

The average Big Daddy is $1.89 and the company says the Big Daddy Extra is $2.59.

The most expensive item on Chipotls website is the top-rated Big Boy with a price of $5,632.99 per person (see the full list of the most and least expensive items).

That’s a $3,817 increase over the most costly item, a regular Big Boy and a $2,878 increase over an average Big Girl.

The company said the cheapest Big Boy on its site is $4,084 and the most cost-per-person Big Boy price is $5 per person ($4.79 per person and $2 per person).

The most cost per person Big Boy item is a Big Dad with a Big Man burger.

But the Big Dog burger, which was introduced in March 2017, is the least expensive of the company items on the website.

It costs $2 to buy and the cheapest is $6 per person for a standard Big Dog.

The price of a Big Dog is $9.99 a person.

The biggest difference between the cheapest and most expensive items on Chipotle is in the price of the lettuce, which comes with a $0.25 coupon.

The cheapest Big Girl and Big Boy lettuce costs $1 and $1 per person respectively.

The cost of a standard burger, with cheese and tomatoes, is $11.99 and $12 per person in the cheapest item, the Big Boss burger.

The next-lowest item is the $1 Big Boy Burger.

The highest-priced item is an Extra burger with $3 per person at the Big Dad, Big Dad Extra and the $5 Big Daddy Big Dad.

The highest-per person Big Girl item is $10.50 per person but the next-highest is a regular Extra Burger.

In addition to the Big Brothers and Big Girls burgers, the chain also sells a variety of burgers and salads.

The Most Foodie Burger is the largest item on all three menus.

It comes with chips, lettuce, lettuce tomato and pickles.

The burger is $12, but it comes with cheese, sour cream, ranch dressing, bacon, mayonnais and jalapenos.

The Most Foody Burger is one item that is available in every restaurant.

The menu offers four items, including two items of fries, one of fries with a side of salad, and two items that come with a drink.

The drinks come with an optional drink, and customers can order the drink from a drink dispenser.

Chipy’s Big Foodie burger is a double-sized burger that comes with two sides and one drink.

The largest item of the chain’s menu is the Double-Sized burger, also known as the Big-G

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