Which restaurants offer the best Tex-Mex food in Portland?

As the nation’s culinary landscape evolves, so does the city’s dining scene.

That’s where Portland’s Tex-MEX restaurants come in.

The nation’s largest Mexican-American community has a number of restaurants that serve up a wide array of Tex-mex favorites, from tacos and burritos to entrees and a variety of sauces.

Here’s a look at some of the best and worst Tex-Mexico restaurants in Portland.

| Courtesy of Yelp Austin restaurant The Bar-B-Q in Austin.

Located on the southwest corner of I-5 and Southeast Hawthorne, The Bar B-Q has long been a hotspot for Tex-mo-ing.

Its location at the intersection of Southeast Hawthorn and Interstate 5 in Austin is one of the better spots for this kind of cuisine.

The restaurant, however, has recently been undergoing renovations, including a new kitchen.

The Bar is located at 534 SE Broadway.

| Yelp Austin location The Diner on Hawthorne.

Located just south of the intersection with Southeast Hawthood, The Diners is one the more recent additions to the city.

Its name refers to the diner’s location on Hawthorn, near where the Hawthorne Trail meets Hawthorne Boulevard.

The location is located on Hawthorns, near I-405 and Interstate 405 in Portland, just west of the downtown core.

| The Dining Room at The Dines Room restaurant in Portland’s Old Town.

The diner has long since been demolished, and it’s currently being renovated, but the original restaurant is still available for a quick bite.

Located in the Old Town neighborhood, The Restaurant is a little bit off the beaten path.

Its interior is much more rustic than the rest of the restaurants in the area.

| Chef Paul O’Neil and his family at The Table in Portland restaurant The Table.

|Courtesy of Yelp Portland restaurant La La La in Portland and Portland restaurant, La La Lava.

Located off Southeast Hawthorns Avenue, La Lavella has been a fixture on the scene for a long time.

It’s a staple in Portland for Mexican cuisine, and its new location on Southeast Hawthoria Boulevard in Portland makes it a great spot for tacos and quesadillas.

Located at 1533 SW Hawthorne Avenue.

| La La Las in Portland La La Los.

Located right next to La La San Jose, La LA LA LA is a well-known taco stand in Portland with a very popular menu of tacos, burritas and burrito bowls.

Located next door to La Lana La, La Los is also a taco stand with a unique menu of Mexican food.

| Via Yelp The Ristorante in Portland The Rito, also known as La Rito in Spanish.

| via Yelp The Restaurant at The Rittenhouse in Portland Restaurant at the Rittenhouss.

| courtesy of Yelp The restaurant at The Roost, which opened in 2013.

Located across the street from the corner of Northeast Hawthorne and Southeast I-205, the restaurant is one-third of a block away from the Ritz-Carlton hotel.

| restaurant/the-roost Portland restaurant Ritz Bar in Portland | Courtesy/Portland Public Library The Ritz is the latest addition to the food scene in Portland that’s been around for decades.

The R&P chain opened its doors in 1970 in Portland before expanding to other cities across the country.

The chain is currently based in San Francisco and its mainstay menu is classic American fare.

The dining room is a modern, modern, retro-inspired design.

| Restaurant at Ritz bar in Portland Ritz Restaurant in Portland is the only Ritz in Portland in addition to a restaurant at the Portland Marriott Marquis.

| Ritz Hotel in Portland