Why are all Portland restaurants closing?

Portland has been in a deep slump, with an increase in murders and shootings in 2017.

But there’s been no shortage of restaurants to keep locals coming back.

Here are the top 10 Portland restaurants that are closing, according to Yelp.

The top five are all located in the East End, and they all have a very different vibe.

Here’s what you need to know about the five:The restaurant closest to the Oregon State Capitol is the first one to open its doors, at the end of June.

But, according for many locals, it’s too early to celebrate.

“We have a lot of hard times,” said John, a bartender at The Restaurant on Washington Street.

“But I still think that we can still go out and enjoy the great Portland food.

I think there’s a lot that we haven’t seen yet.”

The second restaurant, The Kitchen, has been serving up good food since its opening in 2016.

But owner and chef Brian Thomas has been on a tear since the holidays.

“I really hope people have a great holiday season,” he said.

“And I’m hoping that people have more fun.”

The third restaurant is The Laundry, which is located in South Portland, at South Main Street.

Its owner, Scott Purdon, also opened a new restaurant, the Laundromat, at his former residence in Northeast Portland in October.

But it has been a slow-burner, with only three new restaurants in town since the end and a total of just eight openings.

“It’s been a really long time since I’ve been here,” Purdan said.

“Every year, I have to say that the Portland area has been my life,” said bartender Scott Puckett.

“I’m going to miss my friends, I’m going and having fun, and I hope the city continues to grow.”

For a taste of Portland’s dining scene, here are five of our favorite restaurants.

The restaurant nearest to the Capitol is called The Kitchen.

Its open since April, and it’s just a stone’s throw from the Capitol.

Owner and chef Purdman said it’s been an uphill battle, with his wife and family moving into the Capitol, but he’s not letting the experience slow him down.

“As long as the Capitol has been here, it has always been a wonderful place for us to come out and be a part of,” Pucketts said.

For the last several months, Purds family has been living in Washington, D.C., but he plans to make the trip to Portland again in a few months.

“You never know when you’re going to be back,” Puckedetts said with a smile.

“Portland is a big city,” said Puckets daughter, Emily.

“We live in a very small neighborhood, and we really love Portland.”

Emily Purdetts has been working at The Kitchen for more than five years.

“As long-time employees, it is the most important thing we have, and so, we’re really excited about that,” she said.

Emily Puckerts also works at The Launder, a restaurant she opened in 2018 in a former clothing factory on Southeast Main Street near the Capitol that she co-owns with her father.

“The Laundro has been really good,” Piedtons daughter said.

The third new restaurant is the third-best-reviewed restaurant in the city, according Yelp.

Owner, restaurant chef, and restaurateur Chris Thomas said he’s been looking forward to opening The Lautenberg Bakery and Brewing Company for a while.

The Lapettes opened in March, and their beers are one of the top beers in the state.

“There are a lot more breweries in Oregon than there are in the rest of the country, and a lot are smaller,” Thomas said.

And that’s why his first restaurant, and second restaurant in Oregon, are in Portland.

“They’ve been doing really good work,” he added.

The fourth restaurant is called La Chaudre in Northeast, which has been open since February.

Its located at the edge of the city.

Owner Jeff LaChaudre said he and his wife, Traci, decided to open their restaurant because they wanted to have more variety and more options.

“My wife and I have always loved Portland, and now we are able to have a little more variety,” LaChaux said.

LaChaux’s daughter, Kristin LaChaus, has also opened LaChavigny’s in Portland in January, and she and her husband are the owners of La Chavignies, which will open in late March.

Kristin LaCaus said the restaurant’s atmosphere and menu are very similar to La Chauxs.

“This is the same style of food,” she added.

“The menu is very different.

I’m a big fan of the menu.”

The fifth restaurant is located at South First and Powell Streets, and is owned by chef and owner of The