Pizza Hut has a ‘pizza-in-a-bag’ in place for 2018

Posted September 08, 2018 07:09:53After several years of being in the pizza game, the chain is finally starting to pull together a menu that it believes is good for business.

The company is planning to introduce a pizza-in a-bag menu at the end of this year, the first time it has done so since 2013, when the menu was announced.

The menu will include a “small pizza with a tomato and pepperoni” with cheese, and “a large pizza with mozzarella and basil.”

A representative for the chain told The Associated Press that the idea of introducing the “pizza in a bag” concept came from the customers, but they decided to wait until 2018 because it’s an annual event.

Pizza Hut said it has more than 30 locations in the United States and is “building out the global brand and business” of its pizza, including a new flagship location in Chicago and a store in New York City.

It will also open a chain of stores in China, where the company has been struggling.

Pete Campbell, an analyst with Jefferies Inc., told Reuters that it will be a big loss for Pizza Hut, which had a market value of $19.7 billion in 2018, and that the new menu would help drive its stock price higher.

“It’s a big miss for the company and it hurts the brand overall,” Campbell said.

The pizza-bowls will be available at a Pizza Hut location in Miami.

The company has a pizza and pasta section at its restaurants in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Illinois, and it has a hot dog and bacon section.