Trump Jr. admits his son accepted help from Russians

President Donald Trump Jr.’s attorney said Thursday that the president’s son met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya during a trip to the United States in 2017.

Attorney Mark Zaid said that the meeting took place after Trump Jr., along with a friend, arranged for her to meet with a lawyer for Natalia, who has close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The president’s eldest son had contact with a Russian lawyer, Natalia,” Zaid told NBC’s Meet the Press.

“That’s what the president and his attorneys have said.”

Trump Jr released a statement Wednesday saying that Veselnitkskaya “was an acquaintance” who had been introduced to him through a “friend” of a friend who was “in the Russian government.”

He said he was unaware of any contacts that the Trump campaign had with Russia during the campaign.

Veselnitzkias lawyers did not immediately respond to requests for comment Thursday.

Trump Jr has said that he didn’t want to discuss his meeting with Veselniteskaya during the meeting because he did not want to give a “coup de grâce” to Putin.

He has also said that it was not a “full and complete” meeting.

In the statement, Zaid acknowledged that Vesnitskaya had been offered information about a meeting between Trump Jr and a Russian attorney.

“I understand the President Jr.’ s father and his son did not make any promises about any sort of meeting that never occurred,” Zad said.

“But I am confident that the President and his sons knew this person well and had a good working relationship.”