How to cook at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants

Gordon Ramsay is an accomplished chef.

He’s also a self-proclaimed perfectionist, who often refuses to make the slightest change to his recipes.

He has been the head chef of the popular television show Ramsay House since 2010, and he has been a fixture at New York’s hottest restaurants for the past year, starting his own chain of restaurant kitchens.

The chef has been open to the idea of creating his own menu, but he’s not sure what it would look like.

So he’s been working with restaurateurs to create dishes for his restaurants.

The restaurants are the subject of a new feature in New York magazine, Gordon Ramsay at Work: The Recipes That Fuel His Success.

The restaurant owners have been cooking together to create something called “Gordon’s Desserts,” a collection of dishes inspired by Ramsay’s culinary history.

The dishes have been carefully crafted by the chefs and have been created to be as authentic as possible.

There are dishes like a plate of cream-and-sugar-crisp shrimp and an appetizer of grilled lobster, and there are other dishes that are inspired by other chefs.

“We were thinking about how to use the same ingredients,” says Ramsay.

“How to replicate the flavor of these dishes in different ways.”

The result is something like a chef’s menu, with recipes like a roasted eggplant with smoked paprika, or a shrimp cocktail that uses the same herbs, spices, and garnishes as those at Ramsay’s popular restaurant, The Gordon Ramsay House.

“The dishes that we created have not changed at all,” Ramsay says.

“They’re still very authentic.”

Ramsay’s Restaurants is currently in the midst of its first season, which premieres April 23 on NBC.