What is the ‘landrys’ tag?

In 2018, an unofficial tag was created for a local eatery that offers “grocery,gastro,wine, beer, liquor, craft, local” cuisine.

A few months later, the tag was changed to “delish”.

The move was not without controversy.

Some restaurant owners and fans questioned why they were getting an official tag, while others said they were confused and that the tag should be called something else.

In response, Landrys announced in a statement that it had renamed the menu and offered the tag in recognition of its status as a community-owned restaurant.

“We’re very proud of our food and beverage selection, which is why we’ve been given the tag ‘landry’,” the statement said.

“Landry’s menu is a diverse array of tasty dishes, and we offer a variety of wines and beers.

Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment where all our customers can relax and enjoy the great food and drink.”

Landrys is owned by chef John Landry and his wife, Julie, who are both restaurateurs.

Julie Landry told Polygon that her husband’s goal is always to make good food and that it’s a priority to make sure the restaurant has the “right ingredients.”

“He loves to eat, he loves to drink and he’s been fortunate enough to work in many different industries,” Julie Landrys said.

The couple started the restaurant in 2015 and started with a small kitchen and soon expanded to have more than 60 employees.

The menu changes frequently, and Landrys has opened a couple more restaurants, but it’s not uncommon for him to bring a new menu on the menu.

“I’m very proud to have created this menu for our community,” Julie said.

Landrys also said that the “landry” tag would not be used in any other way.

“In no way is it meant to be derogatory,” Landrys wrote.

“It’s just meant to signify that we have a great menu, and that’s a goal that we’re trying to achieve.”

The “landrys” tag is currently on the Landrys website, but that has been taken down, and a new version has been posted.

The new tag has been made available to customers for 30 days and will remain there.

The Landrys restaurant is located at the corner of University Drive and South Congress Avenue.

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