How to eat downtown during the winter, Chattanooga restaurants offer more than just burgers and fries

On a recent morning, we walked along the edge of downtown Chattanooga to see if it was cold enough to get a burger.

There were two restaurants on the corner.

The first was the popular burger spot, and it was a pretty good place.

The burger here was good, but the meat was a little dry, the sauce was a bit overpriced, and the bun was a tad bland.

We got the steak sandwich, which was delicious.

It came with onions, a good amount of cheese, and a generous amount of lettuce.

The salad was good too.

The steak sandwich was $12.50, and we ordered the side of fries, which were pretty good, too.

They were not as good as the burger, but they were a good deal.

I would definitely go back.

The next time I go downtown, I’m going to grab a burger and a salad instead of a steak sandwich.

Chattanooga has the coolest burger spots in the city.

Chattanooga is the capital of the South, and downtown is home to some of the best restaurants in the world.

There are a lot of different places to eat in the capital.

The best places to go for dinner are the downtown dining halls and the neighborhood taverns.

It’s a fun place to spend some quality time with friends and family.

Here’s what we did for our trip to Chattanooga.

Downtown Chattanooga