How the Lexington Kings acquired Dominican Restaurants

A number of former Lexington Kings players have been dining out at Dominican restaurants in New York and Chicago.

Dominican President Tomás Martínez said the chain is a great fit for the Kings.

“We are proud to be working with them in the near future and we are confident that we can develop a solid relationship,” Martíez said in a statement to ESPN.

Dominican is the second major franchise of the Kings to be acquired by the New York Yankees in recent years.

The Yankees have also purchased two other New York-based franchises, including the Staten Island-based Pizza Hut franchise.

The Kings have struggled in New Jersey since acquiring the franchise in 2009.

Last season, the Kings finished 28-50-7.

Martínezz added the team is looking to build on its success and build on what it has done with the Dominican Republic in recent seasons.

In 2015, the team added two Dominican players to its roster: Carlos Carrasco and Fernando Velazquez.

They have each won two MLS Cup titles.

Domestic sports have been a big draw for many in the Dominican community.

There are more than 7,000 Dominicans in the United States, according to the Dominican Census and Statistics Office.

The majority live in New Orleans, where Dominicans make up 8 percent of the population.