Which Chinese restaurants are nearby, and what to order?

Some Chinese restaurants nearby may be the best Chinese food in town.

If you’re looking for a casual Chinese restaurant, check out these places around town.1.

Bamboo Lounge 〜A place that has Chinese-themed themed food items.

〙Address: 4-27-1 Jing’an, Xi’an.


Canton Garden 〝Canton Garden is a casual restaurant and sushi bar with a menu featuring a variety of Chinese dishes.

 Address:  16th Street and Chantilly.


China Garden  〜The most famous Chinese restaurant in Boston, China Garden serves traditional Chinese food and drinks. Address:   14th and Market Street.


China Paddle 〘A place to go if you’re craving a relaxing afternoon on the water.

The Chinese restaurant at the end of the block serves a range of Chinese comfort food, and its food is the best you’ll find in the area.

Address 3rd and Market.

5. Jing’en 〞A restaurant with a Chinese-inspired menu featuring Chinese food items, and a selection of Chinese-styled wine.

Address: 11th Street between Adams and Main.


The Shanghai Tea Room 〟A cozy little place with Chinese-influenced food.

The food is a lot like what you might find in Shanghai, but it’s also fresh and fresh tasting.