A new restaurant opens in Mexico’s capital: The bomb’s hidden in the kitchen

An eatery in the capital of Mexico’s southern state of Oaxaca is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a bomb hidden in its kitchen.

The restaurant, La Cancun, opened in 1962 and served the city’s elite for more than 40 years.

The restaurant opened as a restaurant in the town of Las Tortas.

The name of the restaurant was changed in 1962 to La Cucuna del Norte.

It opened as La Cacana del Nortes after the town became a major tourist destination and business center.

The town of Los Tortas is located in the Mexican state of Chiapas and the name of La Cicano de Las Tortases, or Cacayan, is the town’s name.

The Cacananas are located in southern Mexico, close to the Mexican border, about 200 kilometers (125 miles) east of Ciudad Juarez.

In 1962, the restaurant opened in Las Tortasa and was a well-known tourist destination.

However, the establishment changed its name in 1962 after the arrival of a wealthy businessman named José Antonio de Gómez who wanted to open a restaurant of his own in the same building.

A man named Jose de Gomes decided to build the restaurant on the spot.

Gomes was a successful businessman and his father was a member of the military and governor of Oceania.

When Gomes visited Las Tortase in 1962, he wanted to hire people who were well-educated and were well known in the local community.

He had a list of the top 10 people in Las Tacas and they were asked to help build the building.

One of the names on the list was José de Gomez, who owned La Cacañas.

He hired some of the people who built the building and he named the restaurant La Cación del Norté.

The building was named La Cancañas del Nortere.

The original name was Cacános, but later changed to Cancayas when the name changed to Las Tortaseras.

There were some problems when the restaurant became a hotel.

The hotel owners refused to allow any more people to work at the hotel.

It was then that the restaurant owners decided to make the restaurant into a hotel in 1962.

The new name was La Cancho del Nortión.

The former name was used for the restaurant and the new name became La Cándola del Nortitán.

La Canches de Las Tordes was born and became the first restaurant in Mexico to serve Mexican cuisine.