Chinese restaurants close over the holidays

Diners are planning to close their eateries in the wake of a massive nationwide food shortage and the shutdown of the world’s largest airline, said on Friday.

The shutdown of Air China has put hundreds of thousands of travelers out of work and forced the cancellation of thousands more.

The airline has been struggling to keep its flight schedule in line with the global travel demand, as demand from other markets is expected to surge after Christmas.

“There will be no further Chinese restaurants in the coming days and we will close all restaurants,” Ctrip spokeswoman Chien Yifan told Reuters.

“We are asking our customers to stay away from Chinese restaurants during the holiday season.”, a Chinese travel website, said more than 1,000 Chinese restaurants and eateries were closing, including a number of popular Chinese restaurants, including one in the capital, Beijing.

The company said the shutdowns were a response to the food shortage.

“The food shortage is expected for the entire country and Ctrip is taking action to prevent further damage to the country’s tourism and economy,” it said.

“Ctrip is preparing its full contingency plans and will resume normal operations as soon as the situation is under control.”