‘I want to go to Vegas’: Restaurant owner admits to trying to murder staff to sell tickets

In the early hours of Monday morning, a man armed with a machete stormed the Las Vegas restaurants Las Vegas Golden Nugget and Wynn Resorts and attacked the staff members, the Las Vegas Police Department said.

The assailant, who was shot and killed by the security guards, fled the scene on foot, police said.

One of the attackers also took a female employee hostage, police added.

The victims, who were not identified, are all Las Vegas police officers.

The suspect, who police did not name, was captured about five hours later in the area of a strip mall, police reported.

Police said they are looking for the other man.

The man, whose name was not released, was seen by police on surveillance video wearing a black shirt and a white pantsuit and carrying a mop and bucket.

He wore a black hat, black pantsuit, white sunglasses and a red baseball cap with a black mask, police told The Associated Press.

The attack came just weeks after a man dressed as a cop walked into a Walmart in Las Vegas and stabbed an employee.

The employee was able to escape but was later taken to the hospital with stab wounds, police have said.

There were no arrests in that attack.

Police were investigating whether the Las Vegas attack was a hate crime.

The incident was the third attack on Las Vegas security guards this year.

Last October, a masked gunman shot and injured three security guards who had just completed a three-day training course at a private security firm.