Biscuit dough from a Long Beach bakery sells for more than $8,000

Long Beach, Calif.

(AP) Biscuits are the specialty here, and a lot of people love them.

The Long Beach Bakery & Pastry Co. is known for their biscuits and gravy, and you can order them for a fraction of the cost at the counter.

It’s not uncommon for bakers to charge $8 for a batch, depending on the ingredients, and the bakery also offers a range of sweet and savory biscuits, along with homemade biscuits and cakes.

Some of the bakers’ specialty ingredients include a dough from an East Coast bistro that has been aged for several months, a chocolatey version from the city’s Central Bakery, and even a cake that was made by a former Long Beach resident.

Biscuits can be eaten as a breakfast item, lunch, dinner or a snack, but it’s the cake that is the star of the show.

They have a lot in common with traditional Southern desserts, like vanilla pie, chocolate cake and chocolate cake with jam, so many Long Beach customers order them at their own table.

For many Long Islanders, the biscuit is their first introduction to biscuits, the specialty bread they have grown up with.

Many Long Beach bakers and diners know how to make them, and they’ve got a recipe for all sorts of things, from savory to sweet to savory, and every flavor is worth trying.

“Biscuit is a great breakfast, it’s a great lunch, it can be dessert or even something to keep on hand, and we have lots of desserts,” said Linda Smith, a Long Islander who has been coming to the bakery for years.

Long Beach Bakary & Pastries has a menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner items, and is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and is closed on Sundays and holidays.

This is the third time in five years Long Beach has sold out of its biscuits.

But don’t get too excited just yet.

Last year, the Long Beach Bakeries’ founder and owner, Mark Lohman, decided to open a new bakery, but didn’t have the space to open it.

Instead, he hired a pastry chef to help him, and he plans to open an even better bakery soon.

He said he doesn’t want to sell his biscuits and donuts too quickly, and instead wants to keep making them, adding they will be more popular with people of all ages.

Lohman said the bakery will have more desserts, including cinnamon rolls and other treats, and also have a range for a wider range of tastes.

That’s why he’s trying to keep it all new and fresh, with a lot more flavors coming in the future.

When the Long Islands voted to leave the United States in 2020, many Long Islanders thought it was time to leave, but Lohmann is confident he’ll be here for many years to come.

There’s no telling what will happen in the years to follow, but the bakery has already had its first customer.

I just bought my first biscuit in the bakery and I’m so glad I did,” said Lisa Boggess, a retired Long Island City resident who’s lived in Long Beach her whole life.

While she said she will be going back, Lohm is confident it will be for another 30 years, and will be a long time in Long Island.

In the meantime, Lahman is preparing for his future, hoping to open another Long Beach shop, and to get his bakers out of their comfort zone.

If you’d like to follow Long Beach’s biscuit history, check out the Long Island Bakery archives here: Follow the Longest Beach Bakerie & Pastrisons on Facebook