This is the subreddit where I’m most like-minded

title I’m like a lot of people here.

The majority of me is also a white guy.

I don’t think I’m a racist because I don´t think I´m racist enough, and I definitely don’t consider myself racist enough.

The problem is, there are a lot more people who are.

I guess the reason why people like me are like this is because it’s easier for me to understand the culture.

I like to think that my friends and family and people I work with and people who I interact with in real life are just like me, and they all feel like they share similar feelings and experiences.

People who are like me can be incredibly insightful and interesting people, and you will find that they’re just as diverse and important as the people you know in real lives.

I also think it helps me feel more connected to the rest of the community.

I feel like it allows me to see things through people’s eyes, because they’re more likely to be the same people who live in my area.

Thats why I like being part of these groups, because it gives me a chance to connect with people from all different walks of life.

I get to see what they’re feeling.

They’re more like my friends, and it’s a way to understand them.

I think its a very powerful thing, and im not even exaggerating when I say it.

I really like to feel connected with the people that I work and play with, and if they’re like me and they have the same struggles, that can make it easier to feel understood.

People will often respond with, “I know what you’re going through, but im just like you, i dont understand what youre going through.”

Thats fine.

But thats not going to help you get over it.

You can learn to understand people who you dont understand.

It doesnt mean youre racist.

It means that you are open to learning and understanding and empathizing with others who dont understand the same thing that you do.

That is the best way to get through a difficult time.

So what do you think?