The most popular Russian restaurant in Asheville, NC, has been renamed after an American soldier

After his return from Afghanistan, Andrew “Andy” Cossack took the stage at the World War II centennial celebration in Raleigh and introduced the name of his restaurant, “Andy’s Russian Restaurant.”

The restaurant was named after his son, who died in the war.

“I think it’s important for us to honor and celebrate him for the life he led, the sacrifice he made,” Mr Cossacks said.

“And I think it should be a reminder of how much the world needs this kind of support, and how much it could be accomplished without it.”

The Cossaks were a family business since the 1960s.

“We’re proud of that history and we’re proud that we have a lot of people who know our history,” Andrew said.

Andrew Cossacker says he’s honoured to be named the owner of ‘Andy’s’ restaurant after his father Andrew Coseck dies in the World Wars.

“Andy has had the honor of owning this place since the early 1970s,” he said.

Mr Cossacking, who lives in Melbourne, has opened his first Russian restaurant and Russian food in Melbourne since the 1980s.

He opened the restaurant in 2011 in a former Soviet military airbase in Melbourne’s south, in an area where the military was operating from.

“It’s a little bit like the back of a Soviet fighter plane,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne’s Victoria Day Breakfast.

“There’s a Russian flag, a Russian logo, and a Russian sign outside.”

Andrew said he has a Russian accent, and it has helped the restaurant capture the hearts of people in Melbourne.

Andrew Cossackers son, Andy, who served in the Russian military in the early 20th century, died in Afghanistan in 2008.

Andy Cossak said his father was a true patriot and a hero.

He said his mother is very proud of the business, and has also been very supportive of his business.

“She always has been a great supporter of me and has been,” he added.

“My father was very supportive, and she’s a very strong supporter.”

Andrew’s mother, Nancy, and father are the only surviving members of the Cossacs family.

After returning from Afghanistan in 2009, Mr COSSACK was stationed in Germany for a year.

He worked as a commercial pilot for a German airline before returning to Australia to become a pilot with the Australian Army.

A few months after returning, Andrew, a sergeant in the Australian army, was stationed with his unit in the Netherlands and then the United Kingdom.

“In May 2010 I went to the UK and joined the Royal Air Force.

I spent two years there and was promoted to captain,” he wrote in his book, The Battle for the Bosphorus, published in 2014.

In February 2011, he was deployed to Syria.

Andrew was in charge of an air strike mission over the city of Raqqa.

The Cossucks had moved into their home in Melbourne in 2007.

Mr COSCKANS son, Andrew Coteks, was killed in the War on Terror.

An Australian soldier, Andrew A. Cossk, was shot dead by a suicide bomber in Aleppo, Syria in March 2015.

Two months later, his wife, Nancy Cosskowski, was also killed in a bomb attack on a cafe in Paris.

“This was just a horrible, horrible day, and I know my father wouldn’t have had the courage to say the worst things about himself,” Mr MOSKINS son, Mike, wrote in an article in the Melbourne Morning Herald.

Michael Cosski, the father of Mike MOSKS, was a military policeman in Afghanistan, where he served as a medic.

He was killed on April 3, 2017 in the ISIS attack on the French consulate in Brussels.

When the COSSKANS arrived in Melbourne as refugees, the family had to take in several refugees from Syria and Iraq.

Mr MOSTEN, a former army medic, has served with the Royal Australian Navy and the Australian Air Force, and is the father-in-law of the late Michael MOSTENS, who fought in the Second World War.

For the COSKANS, the relocation to Melbourne has been “one of the greatest things that has ever happened to us,” Andrew COSS, the eldest son, told ABC News.

“If it wasn’t for the Australian government and our city, we would be homeless.”

The restaurant, which opened in 2012, is named after Mr COSTACK’s son, which has served as the restaurant’s logo.

‘Andy’s Russians’ restaurant has been named after Andrew COSRKANS father, who was killed during the war in Afghanistan.

Andrew, left, and his son Andrew COSEK are the owners of the Russian restaurant, named after their father.