Which Ramen Restaurant Is Best in Havana?

The answer, apparently, depends on where you go.

Ramen restaurants in Cuba’s capital Havana have been offering authentic, authentic, Cuban food for over a decade, but not every place in Havana serves the authentic Ramen.

But according to a new study by The Times of India, which examined the popularity of Ramen in Havana, many of these places do.

The Times of Ireland and the American Food & Wine Council have both compiled a list of more than 100 Ramen-themed eateries in Cuba.

The study notes that there are currently more than 15,000 Ramen outlets in Cuba, and according to the Times of Cuba, more than 30,000 are in the capital.

The study looked at the popularity ratings of Ramens by Cuban consumers based on their location in Havana and by the number of customers who sampled their food.

While most of the eateries had a high popularity score, some had low scores, and the ones with low ratings were also relatively popular.

In some cases, the food that was popular in some of these restaurants was also popular in restaurants in other parts of the country.

The Times article notes that the Ramen establishments that were popular in Havana were popular among Cubans who live in the US, while in other places, like the Cuban Restaurant Association, there was a similar trend.

According to the study, Ramen is one of the most popular cuisines in Cuba because it is an affordable, healthy food.

In fact, the study notes, there is a “wide acceptance” of Rames by Cuban customers, with an average price per meal of $3.55.

The average cost of a Ramen meal in Cuba is $2.50.

While Ramen food has become increasingly popular in the past few years, there have been some setbacks in the country’s food industry.

According to The Times, a shortage of imported vegetables and fresh fruit have contributed to the decline of the Cuban food industry, which is based largely on the export of its produce.

Ramen has also been criticized for its high cost.

For instance, some of the restaurants that are currently popular in Cuba were once known for offering expensive meals that cost $100.

However, now that prices have dropped to $10 or less, most Ramen dishes are still priced at $20-$25.

In addition, the Times article adds, “many of the Ramens that are now available in Cuba are imported and not as authentic as they once were.”

The study also notes that while the number and type of Ramenchas in Cuba have grown, they have been unable to attract a large number of tourists due to the embargo.

The number of visitors has declined from more than 2 million in 2013 to 1.5 million in 2017, the report notes.