New Brunswick restaurant owner apologises after racist tweet

New Brunswick’s restaurateur says he is “deeply sorry” for what he described as “racist, sexist and homophobic” comments made by a bar owner who was in the country on business in Australia.

Key points:Michael J. Ladd of the Ladd Family Restaurant in New Brunswick was in Australia when the racist post went viralLast year, the New Brunswick government banned bar owners from advertising on social mediaThe bar owner’s apology came after an investigation by the New South Wales Police DepartmentA man in his 40s who said he owned a bar in Melbourne was arrested on Friday night and charged with racially aggravated harassment, assault and criminal damage.

Police allege that the bar owner, Michael J.

Ladd, was at a bar at the end of December and he said he had to go back to the US.

“I have a couple of friends here and we were going to have a barbecue and he asked if I was going to come with him,” he told police.

“It was racist, it was sexist, it made no sense and he was saying it in a way that was not a very nice way of saying it.”

Mr Ladd said he did not want to comment on the charges.

He said he apologised to the Bar Association of New Brunswick, the Liquor Control Board of New South, and the New Zealand Anti-Discrimination Commission, as well as the police.”[They] told me to just stop being a dick and let the people know it’s wrong,” he said.

The Bar Association has called for the bar to be removed from the New Brunswickers menu.

Mr Lachs Facebook account was hacked last year and his business was closed.

Mr JLadd said the bar owners’ Facebook page was hacked in December and it had been taken down.

“That was the most depressing part of all of it,” he added.

“We all have our lives in front of us and it’s very sad.”

Mr Jadds bar manager, Stephen Blythe, has been in touch with the bar association, the liquor control board and the NZ Anti-Disability Commission, to discuss the matter.

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