Why is this restaurant named after Jesus?

This restaurant, known for its large and colorful sign, is called La Gloria La Gloria.

That’s a Spanish term for the Gospel of Luke, and it means “The Lamb of God.”

But the restaurant has also become a source of controversy.


The restaurant’s name has sparked controversy in recent months, especially when it was featured in a CNN investigation that explored the restaurant’s origins.

CNN asked people who frequented the restaurant to write about their experiences, and the results were a mix of negative and positive reactions.

Some people wrote that they were embarrassed for being named after a biblical figure, and others expressed concern that their faith was being misrepresented.

“My husband and I have been called a ‘little’ Christian restaurant,” wrote one person who attended the restaurant in 2016.

“It’s not a Christian restaurant.”

Another said, “I love this restaurant because it’s a place for Christians to gather, and to celebrate.”

One of the restaurant owners, a former member of the Catholic Church, has denied the restaurant is a Christian establishment.

He said the restaurant was named after the Virgin Mary, the firstborn of the Christian god Jesus Christ.

The restaurant, he added, was never named after anyone other than Jesus Christ Himself.

But the name has stirred controversy in the church.

In February, the Rev. Gary Dolan, a pastor of the Holy Family Church in Dallas, told CNN that he believes the name “is a sign of confusion.

That it is a translation of Jesus’ name, and not Jesus himself.””

We’re all familiar with the Jesus Christ name, so it’s confusing for people who have never heard of Jesus to find out that it’s actually a Jesus name,” Dolan said.

“We need to have a name that people will recognize and respect.”

In a recent article for CNN, the New York Times reported that many of the diners at La Gloria have a deep-seated suspicion of Catholicism.

“Many of them are angry at the idea of being called a Catholic restaurant,” the Times wrote.

“They are also angry at those who have a strong faith in a Christian god.

They believe that the restaurant, like the Catholic church, has become too rigid and has turned into a kind of cult.”

Others are angry that the name of a place that is known for serving people of all religious backgrounds is now being used to disparage the religion itself.

“If they were doing it for business purposes, why would you name it after someone who hates the Catholic religion?” one woman told the Times.