Category: Japanese food

  • Tokyo restaurant owner accused of hiring sex workers

    Tokyo restaurants may be the world’s top restaurant destination but it may also be one of the most corrupt.The restaurant industry in Japan is notoriously murky and many of its operators are notoriously bad at hiding their illicit activities, but this week a Japanese court decided to take a fresh look at the matter after […]

  • Sushi & More: Where to get sushi at the Gulf Coast

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture says sushi is one of the most popular dishes in Hawaii, and one that’s become more popular in recent years.Here are 10 sushi restaurants around Hawaii you may want to check out.| Photo: Getty Images/Flickr user Kip O’Malley-Baldwin The Hawaii restaurant that opened in 2018 on a former railroad platform […]

  • How to order a pizza in a country that has no pizza

    A pizza is a slice of pizza that is cut in the middle of the crust, like a traditional pizza.But for people who are not born and raised in America, a pizza is not exactly what they think of when they think pizza.A pizza from the United Kingdom?A slice of bacon?That’s what the U.K. has […]

  • How to find the best restaurants in Russia

    The world’s largest economy is famous for its high standards of living.But when it comes to food, Russia has long been a culinary wasteland.The country has the lowest average food consumption per capita in the world, and its restaurants have been notoriously inefficient.A recent study from the Brookings Institution found that the country’s food wastage […]

  • New Restaurant to Open in Lake Geneva

    Geneva, CA — (December 14, 2018)–The Lake Genevee Restaurant and Restaurant, a brand-new Italian-American restaurant, will open in Lake Genva on January 3, 2019.The Lake Genevese restaurant, located at 1120 South State Street, is currently closed due to a fire, and will reopen on January 1, 2019 with the addition of an Italian restaurant.Lake GeneveEspresso […]

  • Why is Indian food so expensive?

    When I first opened up my own restaurant in Mumbai, I did it because I was hungry.But I realised I was in over my head.The food was so expensive that it didn’t seem worth the effort.After a few years, I realised that if I didn’t want to pay for the food, I should just stop […]

  • Two restaurants in Seattle to be renamed due to new food safety guidelines

    A restaurant in Seattle has announced plans to rename its signature dish because of the city’s new food hygiene standards.According to The Jerusalem Press, The Los Angeles-based Los Angeles’ Chocolat, Inc. plans to change the name of its famous Chocolate Chip Doughnut to Chocolate Chip Shortbread.The company’s parent company, the American Chocolate Company, is currently […]

  • What’s the latest news from Indiana?

    The Indiana Restaurant Association (IRDA) has released a list of the hottest restaurants in the state, with Springfield Mo and Indianapolis restaurants making the list.The list is made up of restaurants that have been on the scene since at least 2016, with restaurants on the list appearing on multiple occasions. The IRDA released the list today. “We […]

  • Why I think Cincy will be the new Cincinnati on FOX Sports 1

    I think Cincinnati will be on Fox Sports 1 in 2018.It’s an incredible opportunity for the Bengals and a great addition to the network.I’m excited to be a part of it.The network has proven over the years that it is not afraid to give its audience the very best content they can find and that […]

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