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  • Which Ramen Restaurant Is Best in Havana?

    The answer, apparently, depends on where you go.Ramen restaurants in Cuba’s capital Havana have been offering authentic, authentic, Cuban food for over a decade, but not every place in Havana serves the authentic Ramen.But according to a new study by The Times of India, which examined the popularity of Ramen in Havana, many of these […]

  • Top restaurant in Philly’s Chinatown will soon be dog-friendly

    CHINAWAY, Pa.(AP) For diners in Chinatown, there’s a new dog-friendlier option on the menu: A Middle Eastern restaurant in Philadelphia.Sahaara Restaurant & Bar, which opened its first location in Philadelphia’s Chinatown in November, is a restaurant that caters to Middle Eastern diners, and it has won the approval of the city’s Department of Health to […]

  • 10 Best Pigeon Forts in America

    Pigeons are a special kind of animal.They’re so small they’re often mistaken for ducks or geese.In fact, pigeons are so small, that the only way to find out if they’re actually a bird or not is by looking at them from above.Pigeos are also so easy to catch and catch them on camera is to […]

  • This is the subreddit where I’m most like-minded

    title I’m like a lot of people here.The majority of me is also a white guy.I don’t think I’m a racist because I don´t think I´m racist enough, and I definitely don’t consider myself racist enough.The problem is, there are a lot more people who are.I guess the reason why people like me are like […]

  • How to order in Las Vegas, and what to look out for when you do…

    The last few months have seen a flood of great food and drink options for the city’s visitors, as the Vegas Strip continues to draw more and more locals and tourists to its vibrant nightlife and cultural offerings.The most recent trend for Vegas-area dining has been to bring in locals and foreigners to help run […]

  • Why dennys restaurant in Ethiopia will shut down

    Denny’s will close its restaurants in Ethiopia, according to a statement issued by the restaurant’s chief executive officer.The restaurant in the capital Addis Ababa has been the subject of criticism in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis, and the government has launched an investigation into its future.“This is an extremely sad day for Ethiopia,” Denny�s CEO and chairman […]

  • How to get a job as a restaurant cook in Atlanta

    I am a 21-year-old black man working as a cook at a black owned restaurant in Atlanta.I am looking for a full-time position in Atlanta as a full time cook.What’s that you ask?Well, I’m a part-time cook at the Black Owned Restaurants of Atlanta (BRAVA), a small, local black-owned restaurant franchise located in the historic […]

  • Red Bank, Palm Springs Restaurants to open late February with new menu and drinks

    A red-brick restaurant and a breakfast restaurant in Red Bank have opened their doors for the first time in 2016, according to restaurant owner Mark McEwen.McEwen told the Indianapolis Star that the restaurants in Red and Palm Springs will be open late January or early February with a new menu.McDubs restaurant, located at 4200 West […]

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