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Asahi Super Dry students $6.00
Asahi Super Dry Large bottle $9.00
Budweiser $5.00
Corona $6.00


Hot Sake SSize $8.00
Hot Sake LSize $15.00
Bottled Sake SSize $16.00
Bottled Sake LSize $29.00

Shōchū (distilled spirit), Umeshu (plum wine)

Sweet potato Shōchū, Barley Shōchū glass, $7.00
Umeshu $7.00


Glass wine (red or white) $6.00
Bottled wine (red or white) $29.00
Sparkling wine $39.00

Non-alcoholic ALL$3.00

Coke, Diet Coke, Ice Tea,
Sprite, Orange,
Guava, Chamoro Punch

Sour (cocktail), Chūhai (Shōchū highball)  ALL$6.00

Fresh lemon Sour, Fresh grapefruit Sour
Fresh orange Sour, Calamondin Sour
Guava Sour, Highball, Oolong highball
Green tee highball


Sashimi (raw fish)

Assorted Sashimi platter of the day S  $15.00
Assorted Sashimi platter of the day M  $30.00
Assorted Sashimi platter of the day L  $45.00
Salmon roe in a container $20.00
Tuna Ahi Poke (raw salad) $8.00
Tuna tartare $10.00
Soused mackerel Sashimi $10.00


Assorted Sushi platter of the day 5 pieces $10.00
Assorted Sushi platter of the day 7 pieces $15.00
Assorted Sushi platter of the day 9 pieces $30.00
Combination of three seafood bowl with rice $15.00
Eel bowl with rice $18.00
Raw tuna bowl with rice $13.00
Raw salmon bowl with rice $13.00

Sushi roll

California roll $15.00
Rainbow roll $14.00
Tempura shrimp roll $10.00
Spicy tuna roll $12.00
Three color roll $14.00
Salmon roll $12.00


Ramen with soy sauce based soup $8.50
Spicy noodles $8.50
Chilled Chinese style noodles $8.50
Fried noodles with prawn $8.50
Cold Soba (buckwheat noodles ) / Udon (wheat noodles) $7.00
Tempura Soba / Udon $13.00


Uomaru salad (specialty salad) $13.00
Seafood Cobb salad $12.00
Grilled chicken Caesar salad $12.00
Potato salad $5.00
Onion slices $5.00

Side dishes

Squid Shiokara (salted and fermented) $6.00
Green soybeans $5.00
Chilled Tofu $5.00
Stingray fin $8.00
Assorted pickle platter $8.00
Nattō (Fermented soybeans) $2.50
Gyōza (Chinese dumplings) $6.00
Homemade roasted pork fillet $10.00
Japanese rolled omelette (with fish stock) $8.00


Tofu steak $7.00
Deep fried Tofu $6.00
Deep fried Tofu served in Tempura dipping broth $6.00

Grilled dishes

One pound beef steak $35.00
Diced steak $15.00
Korean style barbecue with bone on meat $12.00
Beef on sticks (two sticks) $8.00
Ground beef cutlet $10.00
Chicken Teriyaki $8.00
Fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce $8.00
Chicken on sticks (two sticks) $6.00
Fried chicken $6.00
Friend chicken wing tips $7.00
Pork Kimchi $9.00
Pork cutlet $10.00
Ham cutlet $6.00
Pork on sticks (two sticks) $6.00


Grilled salmon with vegetables $10.00
Tuna garlic steak $20.00
Oven baked salmon $10.00
Grilled and salted salmon $6.00
Grilled atka mackerel $9.00
Mackerel cooked in Miso $8.00
Kyoto style grilled Spanish mackerel $6.00
Squid steak $15.00
Scallops grilled in butter $12.00
Whelk grilled with garlic $10.00
Fried surf smelt $6.00
Fried river shrimp $6.00

Fried dishes

Assorted Tempura platter $15.00
Combination of fried seafood $15.00
French fries $5.00
Fish sausage fried with seaweed $6.00
Deep fried prawns $12.00

Rice dishes

Kimchi fried rice $12.00
Barbecue (soy sauce and garlic) bowl with rice $12.00
Pork cutlet topped on curry with rice $12.00
Seafood curry with rice $12.00
Shrimp fried rice $10.00
Tempura bowl with rice $12.00
Chicken and egg bowl with rice $9.00

Plate meals (with main dish, rice, salad, and french fries)

Ground beef cutlet plate $14.00
Pork cutlet plate $14.00
Chicken Teriyaki plate $13.00
Assorted fried food plate $18.00
Fried whitefish plate $12.00
Fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce plate $13.00