‘I want to go to Vegas’: Restaurant owner admits to trying to murder staff to sell tickets

In the early hours of Monday morning, a man armed with a machete stormed the Las Vegas restaurants Las Vegas Golden Nugget and Wynn Resorts and attacked the staff members, the Las Vegas Police Department said.The assailant, who was shot and killed by the security guards, fled the scene on foot, police said.One of the […] →Read more

Chinese restaurants close over the holidays

Diners are planning to close their eateries in the wake of a massive nationwide food shortage and the shutdown of the world’s largest airline, Ctrip.com said on Friday.The shutdown of Air China has put hundreds of thousands of travelers out of work and forced the cancellation of thousands more.The airline has been struggling to keep […] →Read more

Restaurant nearby to close after being closed for several months due to safety concerns

Bellagio restaurant, located at 3333 North Main Street in Bellagios Corner, is closing its doors and closing its menus to make way for a new restaurant.The restaurant is located in the former Bellagiac Restaurant, which closed in September 2019.The Bellagia location is owned by the restaurant’s owners, and the Bellagiato location is operated by an […] →Read more

What you need to know about the new Taco Bell menu

What to Know Taco Bell is rolling out a new menu with new items that will appeal to the fast-casual eatery’s growing customer base.The new menu includes new dishes and a couple of new menu items.Taco Bell said the new menu is expected to be in place by the end of the month.“Taco Bell will […] →Read more

How to fix the McDonald’s burger in the microwave

McDonald’s has become the toast of America, but is it any good?Read moreThe restaurant chain announced a partnership with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to create microwave-safe burgers in 2018, but the food giant said it could take longer than expected to develop the new burger-maker technology.The new microwave-resistant burger, dubbed the “McDonald’s MRE” […] →Read more

How to find the best easton meals in San Antonio

As part of our food search, we look for local restaurants that are open on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.Easton is a local family owned and operated restaurant and restaurant chain with locations in San Antonians hometown of San Antonio.Our goal is to serve the most authentic and authentic Easton cuisine and make the restaurant experience […] →Read more

When New Jersey restaurant chain Carmel Restaurants closed its doors due to budget cuts

Carmel Restaurant Holdings, one of the most well-known brands in New Jersey, has announced that it will close its doors on March 20.The company has said that it was unable to meet its sales projections.Carmel CEO Richard Sussman was able to announce the decision in a letter to employees and the community.“Carmel Restaurant and its […] →Read more

How to install Linux on a Raspberry Pi 3 running Windows 10, MacOS, and Android via PVRD

When I was in elementary school, I spent an afternoon playing around with Linux, Windows, and iOS.This is the first post in a series of articles on how to get a Linux computer running on a Windows PC or Android smartphone.I am going to show you how to install a Debian GNU/Linux distribution, make it […] →Read more

How to choose the best Minnesota restaurants for a date

I always try to avoid places with too many options for a variety of reasons.So when I visited a Minneapolis restaurant last month, I decided to look into the options.The results were mixed.I’d like to share my experiences and advice. →Read more

A new restaurant opens in Mexico’s capital: The bomb’s hidden in the kitchen

An eatery in the capital of Mexico’s southern state of Oaxaca is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a bomb hidden in its kitchen.The restaurant, La Cancun, opened in 1962 and served the city’s elite for more than 40 years.The restaurant opened as a restaurant in the town of Las Tortas.The name of the restaurant was […] →Read more